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Do you ever find yourself looking for your cell phone cables behind your desk or nightstand?

With the Cloop Chromed Base you can easily attach your Cloop and cables to the side of your desk/table so you always have them within reach!

This 100% stainless steel base comes with a strong and removable micro-suction silicone that can be attached to any flat, smooth surface. Simply attach your Cloop and cables to the side of your desk or table for easy access. The micro-suction doesn't use glue, so it won't damage your furniture, and it can be reused and reattached to another location as needed. Never lose track of your cables again with the convenient and practical Cloop Chromed Base.

Sick of constantly searching for your phone charger? The Cloop Chromed Base has got you covered. Made of 100% stainless steel and equipped with a mighty micro-suction silicone, this bad boy can stick to any flat surface and keep your Cloop and cables within reach. No more crawling around on the floor trying to find your charger - just attach it to the side of your desk or table and boom, it's there when you need it. Plus, the micro-suction is reusable and won't leave any glue marks on your furniture. Say goodbye to cord chaos and hello to convenience with the Cloop Chromed Base.

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Cloop Base Specifications

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