Chromed Base Docker (hold your cables in place)


Chrome Base


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Do you ever find yourself looking for your cell phone cables behind your desk or nightstand?  

With the Cloop Chromed Base you can easily attach your Cloop and cables to the side of your desk/table so you always have them within reach!

The base 100% stainless steel, comes with a new stronger and removable micro-suction silicone so you can attach it to any flat/smooth surface. It can be reused and attached to another place over and over. The micro-suction does not use glue so it won’t damage your furniture, instead, it creates a partial vacuum to keep the base from moving around when in use.

Cloop Base Specifications

Cloop 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Category: Anchor, Base, Cloop, Desk

Type: CL-CB

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