How it Works


1. Silicone band stretches to allow for multiple cable profiles.

2. Two strong neodymium magnets embedded in both ends to allow for a quick lock-and-release mechanism as well as anchoring capabilities.

3. Cable passage to route your cable through so the Cloop stays attached, preventing loss. 

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Cloop Band Features

How to use

How to use?

It works in 3 easy steps:

1) Simply route your cable through the Cloop

2) Roll your cable around the Cloop,

3) Snap it shut, and you’re set and ready to go.

Cloop stays attached and is built to last

Three different sizes

  • SMALL Ideal for small cables, such as earbuds, smartphone chargers, headphone cables, iPad & tablet chargers, iPod chargers, Kindle chargers and video game cords.
  • LARGE Ideal for small to medium laptop cables, guitar cables, camera cables, short HDMI cables, LAN, short Ethernet cables and other medium to large sized household and office cables.
  • XL Ideal for larger cables, such as power extensions, laptop power cords, larger HDMI and audio cables.
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Cloop Different Sizes

How to use

Cloop Base Features

The Cloop Base increases workflow by keeping your cables within reach. Anchor your cables to the Base so they won't fall off your desk. The Base can be attached to almost any flat-smooth surface such as a desk, wall or side table with the included micro suction silicon sticker. The micro-suction silicone surface creates a partial vacuum to keep the base from moving around when in use. The Cloop Base is a great solution if you charge your smartphone or any of your portable devices in the same spot every day. Your cords won’t fall to the ground, and they’re always within easy reach when you need them.

How to use Cloop Base?

1. Stick the base to a place you typically lose your cables: i.e. night table, desk

2. With your Cloop attached to your cable anchor it to the base

3. Done! you will always have your cables at reach

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Cloop base on desk


Cloop was built to help keep busy people organized. It a reusable magnetic cable tie that keeps small cables and cords, such as, headphones and smartphone chargers, neat and tangle free. Cloop makes sure you don’t have to fuss with messy cords or cable clutter from your growing collection of gadgets.  If ever had to untangle a cable or cord, Cloop is for you.

Small and Large Cloops were successfully funded on Kickstarter 2015. Cloop XL, Cloop Bag were successfully funded on Kickstarter 2016, and now Cloop is available online. Patent Pending.


-Eliminate cord clutter
-Save tons of time
- Makes traveling easier
-Utilize drawer space
-Prevent headphones from falling when exercising
-Organize office areas
-Easy cable identification by color
-Tidy up family charging stations
-Organize living areas
-Prevent cable and cord tangle
-Prevent cable breakage



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