Polished Plated Base Docker (hold your cables in place)



 The Cloop Base increases workflow by keeping your cables within reach. Anchor your cables to the Base so they won't fall off your desk. The Base can be attached to almost any flat-smooth surface such as a desk, wall or sidetable with the included micro suction silicon sticker.

The micro suction silicone surface creates a partial vacuum to keep the base from moving around when in use. You can also affix the base to a wall, or the side of a desk using a 3M Command strip (not included). 

The Cloop Base is a great solution if you charge your smartphone or any of your portable devices in the same spot everyday. Your cords won’t fall to the ground, and they’re always within easy reach when you need them.

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Category: Anchor, Base, Cloop, Desk

Type: CL-B

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