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  6-pack of XL Cloop - New Fluo Colors

Introducing the Cloop XL, you super strong magnetic silicone cable tie! Effortlessly organize your large-gadget-sized cords, such as power block adapters, laptop cables, with this stylish and functional cord organizer.

Effortlessly manage your USB, Power Adapter, XLR Audio, and Laptop cables with powerful neodymium magnets, adding a playful twist to cable organization. Its sleek design not only secures cords but doubles as an engaging fidget tool. Ideal for decluttering and adding fun to your workspace, Cloop turns cord chaos into satisfying order.

And don't worry about it falling off - those powerful magnets will keep your cords (and your sanity) in check all day long. So don't wait any longer, grab a Cloop Large and give your life the organization it deserves.

  • POWERFUL MAGNETS: Powerful neodymium magnets enclosed at both ends, making it easy to snap Cloop shut and open
  • CABLE PASSAGE: Thoughtful design allows these clips to stay attached to your cords, even when not in use.
  • HIGH-END SILICONE: Made with carefully selected and tested high-end silicone for durability and elasticity.
  • MULTI SIZES: Available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of cable profiles
  • THE ORIGINAL!: A patented product with a successful Kickstarter project history in 2016
  • FIDGET FUN!: Add a touch of fun to your cable management with this fidget-friendly tool. The satisfying snap of the magnets makes it an addictive and enjoyable way to keep your cords organized.

Cloop Band Specification

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U.S. Patent Cloop U.S. Patent 9797420

Cloop 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Warning: Choking hazard. Not a toy. Uses embedded magnets.