Cloop Bonanza: Earn Free Cloops and Mega Cloops with Kickstarter Referrals

Mega Cloop Kickstarter Referral Program


Earn Free Cloops Easy Peasy:

  • Get friends to add your email on Kickstarter's end-campaign survey.
  • With each friend's $20+ reward pledge, both of you get 3 Cloops (not Mega). 

Bonus Tier:

  • 10x $20 Friend Pledge: Receive 3 Mega Cloops and 2 sets of our exclusive stickers(20).


  • Cloops will be given in random assorted sizes/colors (not Mega). 
  • Campaign must reach $15K funding (we're hopeful!).
  • Order a physical reward to claim free Cloops.


  1. If 3 friends pledge a $25 reward with shipping (physical items) and add you as a referrer, you earn 9 Cloops (not Mega), and each friend gets 3.
  2. 2 friends with a $50 pledge each? You get 6 Cloops, and each friend gets 3.
  3. 11 friends with a $45 pledge each? You receive 33 Cloops, and a bonus of: 3 Mega Cloops and 2 Sets of Stickers(20), and each friend gets 3 Cloops (not Mega).


What are you waiting for? Start earning by inviting your friends to join this campaign. Share the campaign link now!




Mega Cloop Applications

Mega Cloop applications

Mega Cloop for Large Extension Cords

Mega Cloop for bulky extension cords

Mega Cloop - Add-on 10 Signature Stickers
Mega Cloop add-on : 10 signature stikcers