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Magnetic Cable Organizer: Cloop Small 6-Pack in Fluo Colors

Meet Cloop Small - your pocket-sized game-changer for cable organization, meticulously designed for earbuds cords and similar small-sized gadgets. Whether you're battling tangled earbuds or dealing with cluttered short USB cables (2 foot), Cloop Small transforms chaos into elegance.

Why Cloop Small?

  1. Magnetic Mastery: With potent neodymium magnets at each end, securing and releasing your cords is effortless.
  2. Desk Transformation: Elevate your desk cable management game. Not only will your space look pristine, but Cloop Small also turns cable management into a playful activity.
  3. Stay-On Design: Its design ensures Cloop Small grips your cords without slipping. The combined power of aesthetics and functionality.
  4. Double as a Fidget: Beyond just cord management, the snapping sound of Cloop Small offers a dash of fidgety fun, making it an everyday essential you'd love to use.
  5. Cord & Sanity Saver: Say goodbye to tangled frustration. With Cloop Small, achieve peace of mind and a decluttered space.

No more stress from cluttered desks and tangled earbuds. Bring back the joy of organized living with Cloop Small. Trust in its power, and both your cords and well-being will thank you.


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U.S. Patent Cloop U.S. Patent 9797420

Cloop 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Warning: Choking hazard. Not a toy. Uses embedded magnets.