The Top 5 Running Gadgets

April 12, 2017

There are many reasons why you love running: it clears your head, you love being outdoors enjoying nature, and it’s just relaxing. But you probably also love the challenge of pushing yourself to new levels and constantly improving your performance on the road as well. And as a runner, there is nothing quite like the high of breaking through a plateau and achieving that new PR during a race.

Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to become a better, more efficient runner. Companies are creating all sorts of gadgets that allow runners to track their statistics, stay safer on the roads, and have more fun during their workouts.

After looking through dozens of the latest running gadgets, here are the top five that impressed us the most: 

1. Polar M400 Running Watch

The M400 has a simple design for easy use and the soft band makes it comfortable to wear during your runs. It tracks all of your most important stats during a run such as your pace, distance, overall calories burned, and heart rate. And the data can be synced both to the smartphone app and to a desktop platform.

One of the coolest things about this watch is the “Back to Start” feature. This ensures that if you are trying out a new location or running in a different city you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

2truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

If you are a long distance runner, you know how quickly the aches and pains start creeping in once you begin upping your mileage. Ideally, you would stay on top of it by going to the chiropractor on a regular basis but that just isn’t always possible.

The truMedic is a lightweight device that comes with eight reusable electronic pads. You simply place the pads in the areas where you are experiencing the most discomfort. The pads deliver electronic pulses that stimulate your nerves and muscles, relieving pain and delivering a mini-massage.

Most people find using the truMedic to be pretty intuitive thanks to the clearly labeled features. There are buttons that allow you to control both intensity level and the treatment time.

3. Milestone Pod Run Tracker

Most runners will agree that you can never have too much information about your daily runs. The Milestone Pod is a small device that you lace into your running shoes that provide a ton of stats about your workouts.

At the end of your run, you can find out what your running style is, your stride length, leg swing, and more. And the Milestone Pod syncs to a product app that will tell you what your ideal stats are so you know what you are working towards. 

4. Lumenus smart clothing

According to Lumenus’ website, from 2003 to 2012, over 47,000 pedestrians were killed while walking on the streets. And accidents that occur at night have a much higher likelihood of resulting in a fatality.

Lumenus makes running vests, shirts, and tights that are not only stylish, they are also pulsing with electronics to keep athletes safe after dark. When you slip into your Lumenus clothing to run at night hidden LED lights will flash to make you more visible to oncoming cars.

These LED lights will flash a left or right turn signal and will even flash a hazard signal at intersections.

5. iFit NordicTrack Escape Treadmill

Okay, we know that most runners experience a love/hate relationship when it comes to the treadmill. There’s nothing more boring than having to spend two hours training on an indoor treadmill. But you have to get those miles in somehow so sometimes it’s just a necessary evil. 

The iFit NordicTrack Escape Treadmill may make you hate running on the treadmill just a little bit less. Most treadmills will simply incline but the Escape has four motors beneath the belt to pitch you from side to side and front to back, giving you that off-road feeling. And it comes with a 60-inch curved screen in front to show real-life images of a virtual route.

If you are a runner, are there any running gadgets that we should have included in this list? Let us know in the comments!

This article is sponsored by Cloop, your magnetic cable keeper.

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