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May 15, 2014


Eliminate Cord Clutter

Cloop can be used to create extra space wherever you store your LAN and USB cables. If you've ever had to go through untangling messy cables, Cloop is for you.

Makes Traveling Easier
If you travel, Cloop keeps your cables available and ready for use with just a quick gesture, it prevents your cables from getting tangled with other items in your bag and helps reserve extra space to make room for all your traveling essentials.

Organize Your Living Area
Declutter your living space, and use Cloop to keep your smartphone chargers and cables off the floor, and out of reach of children and pets. 

Organize Your Workspace
Keep your workspace organized and your extra cables, cords and wires fastened with Cloop to increase productivity. 

Prevent Entanglement
The average person has their mobile phone within reach 91% of the day. Put Cloop in place, and it becomes a companion device to make usability an transportation much more efficient. 

Utilize More Drawer Space
Increase your storage space with Cloop by keeping your cables organized. You'll never have to deal with a drawer full of tangled cables again. 

Exercise Without Headphone Malfunctions
Cloop can attach to your clothes when running, jogging or working out to prevent headphones from falling to the ground while in motion.

Easy Cable Identification
Mix and match using different Cloop colors so you can keep track of what your cables and cords are being used for. 

Tidy Up Family Charging Stations
If everyone in your family charges their smartphone or tablet in the same place, you'll find immense benefit in using Cloop to stay on top of extra chargers that aren't in use. 

Prevent Cable Breakage
Tying a cable around itself to keep it organized actually causes severe damage to the inside of the cable over a short period of time. Protect your cables, with Cloop. 

Save Yourself Tons of Time
Your time is imagine spending a full work week untangling your cables every 5 years. Thats the estimated amount of time you're currently spending fussing with messy cords, cables and chargers. 

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Finally! Cloop's Patent has been officially published, publicly on October 24, 2017. U.S. Utility Patent 9797420.

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